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Thank you for stopping by! I’ve been a music lover my entire life. I used to dance to the Backstreet Boys in 1st grade, and sang to my mom’s favorite 90s tunes. Became interested in 70s, and 80s music during my teenage years which shaped the next stage in my life; playing shows and sharing stage with amazing musicians.

Today, I focus on entertaining the crowd and always delivering a quality show. From originals to Journey, and from Ed Sheeran to Bon Jovi; with a guitar, a looping pedal, and a soothing yet strong voice, I will get any crowd excited.

What you can expect

A typical setlist will include 70s, 80s, 90s rock and modern pop. You can count on the party bangers like “Don’t Stop Believing”, and “Twist and Shout”; but also look forward to the beloved “I’ll be there for you” and “Thinking out loud”.